My Original Song 'I Am Sound' with Lyrics

You're listening to my track "I Am Sound" off my latest album "VISUALIZE"


Welcome to my world, as I've lived all throughout the cosmos

Heard there was an opening on Earth, I went there pronto

A starseeded being no need to be the head honcho

I came to this planet to say that we're equal so vamos

Let's go, evolve grow and expand through this matrix

Just face it, we're all tired of being complacent

Just wasting, energy on fear throughout this nation

Mistaken, of the purpose of this world we're based in

Because our truth is love, we are here to trust

Whenever it's rough

I promise you're enough, the only way is up

Who you was don't matter much

Who are you now? You are not bound

Infinite you are the sound

Of creation in a dense form of vibration here to walk this ground

A human being making way for love to surround

A soul who was once lost but truly has been found

Who won't stay down

And who could never compromise their truth no matter the amount

I am sound manifested through this human essence

A point of contact of the absolute and omnipresent

A source of all that is eternal love and all it's blessings

Living life through my karma to discover eternal soulful lessons

We're ascending to new heights, because we are one

Forever equal shining light, we rise just like the sun

There's no need for us all to fight so put away the guns

Let's open up our hearts and light the way for souls to come, yeah

Never run, never give in to the fear

Let me make this clear

We can make a whole new world appear

Let out the tears

Love is real

Everything else is merely a stepping stone

So find your home

Inside where you forgive and make your spirit known

Emotions are the energy to put forward in motion

It's time to express our true selves

Raise our vibrations and begin floating

Holding space for authenticity, with no apologies

Bringing our spirit forth to change this Earth into what it outta be




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My Original Music

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