My Introduction to Den.Social - And For You Too Here on Publish0x!

I just discovered Den.Social, a fairly new blockchain social media platform and just made my first post.

I then thought about how there are also plenty of people here that don't know me or don't know my music, so I figured I'd share some of my backstory here as well! Without further ado...

What's Up Publish0x!


My name is Bryan Divisions and my biggest passion in this life is creating uplifting and conscious music and vibes to help bring real and positive vibes to your ears :)


After playing bass in a band around 2012, I eventually found freestyling and began hanging out with friends letting my truth speak in cyphers.


This led to me wanting to create something more long term, so I began producing beats and fell in love with creating music and new sounds. After about a year of working on beats, I realized I had so much to say, so I began writing lyrics and rapping.

I released my first song, 'Stars' in 2014, and soon after dropped my first album 'Shivai' in 2015.

Since then, I've released 2 more albums, and have played shows around the country including in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington DC.

feelin great live still.jpg

Unfortunately because of this pandemic, my shows have slowed down, but I've refocused and put my energy online.

I currently have gained over 2.4 million streams on Spotify, and over 100k views on my YouTube music videos!

I'm also a huge blockchain social user, as I got my start on Steemit on 2017, have been using HIVE & Blurt since 2020, and now glad to be on Den!

Expect to see me share music, videos, photos of my travels, as well as thoughts, affirmations, and mindsets.

I'll leave you all with my most popular music video, 'Illuminate. Enjoy!


Much love,
Bryan Divisions

bryan divisions logo wide.png


Connect with Me and My Music!

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Conscious Fitness
Conscious Fitness

Bryan Bell 💪 Certified Personal Trainer 🥑 Plant Based 🦵I help you get fit, healthy, and strong using your own body ⬇️ Join My 90 Day Fit Transformation!

My Original Music
My Original Music

In this blog, I'll be sharing all of my own original and self produced music under my artist name, Bryan Divisions. I bring a new and unique style of spiritually conscious rap to the world, check it out!

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