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BTC Holds $7,000 For Two days In A Row. Will It Depreciates Or Break Another Barrier?

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 18 Apr 2020

It the second day in a row for bitcoin to stay a little over $7k in a row.

BTC has not been stable for some time now due to the global pandemic coronavirus. Most companies are closed, workers laid off. The most affected are the manpower which has made people lose their lives while others sell their asssets like BTC to survive. Thus making the value of BTC to depreciate badly.

The all time high for BTC in 2 years was over $10,200 per BTC, but had to drop down in value to a little over $4,800.


The effect of the depreciating of BTC against the $$$ Dollar was significant as most people either lost interest in bitcoin as a safe haven or withdrew them to cater for the family.

But now Bitcoin is returning back to where it belongs though it has been shaky. It keeps going back and forth as it struggles to break the $7,000 barriers until it stood still a little over over $7k.

It broke the barrier yesterday at 12:00 GMT to $7,070.94. then it tried moving upwards to $7,200 but stopped at $7,190.

It later depreciated to $7,090 at the close of the day.


It couldn't hold nor go back to the $6,800 it was before yesterday as it keeps fighting against the dollar and Coronavirus impact. dbb5fce497fceadbc1197b72ad83350b2bc0df0e46674ff04193f30441d27187.jpegThe current price of BTC as at the time of writing this article is $7,103.34 that is 0.37%.

So the question now is BTC has been able to manage it stay at over $7,000 but will it undertake another bull run as it set it sights to $8k ($8,000) ? Or will the global crisis continue to affect it to depreciate back to less than $7k ($7,000)?

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