Bitcoin Drops Back To $6K; Has BTC Lost It's Magic?
Bitcoin Drops Back To $6K; Has BTC Lost It's Magic?

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 10 Apr 2020

3143414223-9d3704c115b5032ee1671a5df9ae358be733cb166899fa98db5c9f46a273780d.jpegWell we have being seeing Bitcoin prices going back and forth, up and down. Is Bitcoin really a safe haven?

With the current Market Price of BTC which is not stable has made many bitcoin miners, holders, hodlers and traders feel insecure with their cryptocurrency.3143414223-82a005208e0d654c8bc7d1247d9e69e96d36e5e733320691bcc55cd668d55754.jpeg

Uptil April 9, Bitcoin was around $7,200 dollars but within 24 hours Bitcoin has dropped from the $7k down to $6.9k ($6,942.91). That is minus 4.96% from the lrevious price within one full day.


Bitcoin market cap is $197,937,719,222. The 24 hour Volume of Bitcoin stands at  $139,221,205,557. Bitcoins dominance of the cryptocurrency market stands at 64.2%

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With the Coronavirus effects on the world Market business are either shut or partially operational which has led to the decline of the BTC price and other assets as well.

Major Cryptocurrencies price update over the last 24 hours does not make for a good reading on coinbase and other exchange websites.


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