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After Halving : Bitcoin Now $9,745.51 After Jumping 9.07% Within 24 Hours

By Dominus1 | My News Gh | 14 May 2020

0ff4adfc86f29012252521ebdba58c5c2a44cc25ae089b0c963189772686212d.jpegBitcoin has taken a bulliesh run after jumping over 9 percent after the halving which occurred some few days ago.

Over the last 24 hours, price of Bitcoin was $8,925.45 but an increase of 9.07 percent has seen the whole price of a Bitcoin move up to $9,745.51.


The trend keeps pushing higher and higher and it won't be very long before Bitcoin reach $10,000 and then head for $15,000 which I project it to happen within the next one or two months.


To back my prediction, price of Bitcoin continues to move up when ever there is a halving which occurs every four years.

Last four years, Bitcoin was around $3,000 dollars but after the halving, the price of Bitcoin moved as high as $10,200 which was in February of this later collapsed to $6,400 due to the impact of the Coronavirus but now it has slowly taken up space and is fast approaching$10,000.

My Advice: Get some BTC in your portfolio before the price skyrocket to over $10,000 so that you can make some profit while holding it.

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My News Gh
My News Gh

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