What Are We Doing Now, Cryptofamily?

Ok, so I have been out of the country for a few weeks at our vacation home / investment property in Costa Rica. This was our first time down there owning a property, but this is an 18 year dream come true for me. I worked my butt off to save and create this opportunity - investments early in the stock market enabled this.

Now, my mentality since 2018 has been that cryptocurrencies will create the next stage in financial freedom. I have been involved with mining Bitcoin since 2018 and still accumulating. I pretty much ignored the markets while I was away so I could have a "true vacation". It was just surreal. Relaxed, drinks, beach time, you name it. 

I have been back since Monday and, being honest, I am not adjusting well. I see everything - stocks. crypto - just bleeding and all of the folks I follow are getting eerily quiet. I almost had a moment where I was - "Shit, maybe I am wrong about all of this and I can't pick crypto or stocks". It is so easy to make a quick, panic filled moved that you will regret, EVENTUALLY. I almost did exactly what I tell everyone not to do. I almost took those losses for the safety of cash.

DON'T DO IT. Don't hit that sell button. If you invested in strong fundamentals and understand the use cases, nothing has changed. When in doubt, please just do nothing and ZOOM OUT on the charts. Crypto may be figuring itself out now, but it will one day be fully integrated into our global society. 

I started dreaming 18 years ago and now it's real - 18 years with a buy and hold strategy and some luck. Crypto along with some strong equities will help me get to my next dream - don't know what it is yet, but I know it will be sooner than another 18 years. Adding crypto will ensure that.


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My New Passion - Crypto - BTC, ETH, ADA, Oh My!
My New Passion - Crypto - BTC, ETH, ADA, Oh My!

Life is about perspectives and how you choose to see the world. The pandemic has been awful for so many...but opportunities arises out of hardship. I lost my job at DLA Piper - second biggest firm in the world - during the pandemic. Sucked, however, it did give me TIME. Time to read, time to think, time for many things I wouldn't have had on my normal robotic path as a corporate lawyer. I discovered the world of crypto during that time and now I'm hooked.

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