Bridging BSC to Polygon Matic Network - The Easy Way

Step 1: Buy WPNT on PancakeSwap  (BSC)

Use the official link:

Click on: "I understand" and press: "Continue"


Write the desired amount of tokens and then click "Swap"


You can double check the WPNT token address here:

Step 2: Bridge your WPNT to your Matic wallet  


Using this site:


Connect your wallet:



After connecting your wallet, the address will appear as below. Write the desired amount of tokens and then click: "Transfer to Polygon"



A pop-up window will appear, click "Confirm"




Step 3: Add Matic Network to your Metamask  

Click on "Smart Chain" to change to "Matic Network"

If you don't have "Matic Network", read here: How to Set Up the MATIC Network in Metamask



Step 4: Go to QuickSwap and sell your WPNT tokens.


If you need Matic for fees to get started on the Matic Network here is a Faucet to help you out with 0.001 Matic which should translate to roughly 100-ish transactions

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My Magical InternetCoinz Journey
My Magical InternetCoinz Journey

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