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By Aaronaa | My love - cryptocurrencies | 12 May 2021

        As a person who values independence, hating to impose anything on me, especially the way I manage my money, I quickly realized that entering the world of cryptocurrencies would allow me to keep one of the most beautiful things in this world, namely financial freedom.

I hope that soon DeFi, or Decentralized Finance will become so common that FIAT, or fiat money (currency issued by the government) will only be used for the purpose of buying food in stationary stores and marketplaces.

So far, however, the public's knowledge of cryptocurrencies is very limited. It usually comes down to people hearing about Bitcoin, but basically have no idea what it is for and what the purpose of its creation was. They have also heard that you can earn money on Bitcoin, but they do not know how and why.

For someone who has only heard of cryptocurrencies somewhere, this is definitely a kind of abracadabra.

What is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (commonly known as coins), and what are tokens, read for yourself by entering "Bitcoin" or "cryptocurrency" into a Google search. There will be many articles explaining Bitcoin's etymology.

I will focus on the things that are necessary to function in the world of cryptocurrencies.

   Let's start by creating a wallet for your coins.

 I had different wallets. However, my favorite is EXODUS. It contains all the coins you need, you can exchange coins for free, it is light and friendly. You can download it here: https: //

Here you can check which coins Exodus supports: https: //

In addition to the desktop version, there is also a mobile application that can be found in Appstore and Google Play.

To get your own wallet address for the selected coin (for example BTC), click on the left tab "wallet", then "Recive" and you will receive a wallet adress.

Save this address.

Then you will be asked to set a password and login for your wallet. You will also get 12 words that you write on a piece of paper, print it and store it in a safe place. It's like a combination lock for a safe. If you lose them, you'll never get access to your wallet. Also save the password and login.

In the same way, you will get addresses for any other coin or token, and there are a lot of them in the krpto world. In addition to Bitcoin BTC, we also have, for example, Bitcoin BCH, Litecoin LTC, Dogecoin DOGE, Ethereum ETH, Ethereum Classic ETC, Ripple XRP, Stellar Lumens XLM, Monero XMR, Tron TRX, DASH, Digi Byte DGB and others.

The Atomic wallet can also be very useful and friendly.
Atomic Wallet is a multi-currency desktop wallet that allows you to store and manage over 300 cryptocurrencies and tokens.
You can also here make purchases using a credit card, swap one crypto for another via the Atomic Swap function, or use the staking option on some cryptocurrencies.
(Staking is getting rewards for storing cryptocurrencies in your wallet, but more on that later.)

You can download Atomic Wallet here:
There is also an app for the mobile version.

The MetaMask wallet is the perfect wallet for blockchain novices. You can used as Google extension on a desktop or as an app on a mobile device.
As at the moment a lot of projects have associated Discord servers with MetaMask, I suggest you downloaded this wallet as it will make our lives easier.
Here you can find information on how dowland to MetaMask :

Always remember to write down the 12 words that open the only door to your wallet!!!

There are many sites that offer you to receive a small amount of various coins at performing simple tasks. These small amounts are saved in the wallet balance on the site and over time can create a large sum of coins that can be exchanged for real money or used to pay for goods and services. There are more and more companies and online stores that accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Since it is impossible to function without a wallet on cryptocurency, the most important thing is to start with your own well-secured wallet.

                                                      be continue

And now as part of the exercise:
1. Create a wallet
2. Generate an address in the wallet for Bitcoin (Btc) and Dogecoin (Doge)
3. Register on Ciointiply:
4. On the Cointiply website, write down your wallet addresses for BTC and DOGE
5. Find PTC advertisements in the tabs
6. Click on some ads (preferably all)
7. See how your BTC wallet balance is growing



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"All things are difficult before they are easy" - Thomas Fuller ;)

My love - cryptocurrencies
My love - cryptocurrencies

From the first moment I read about Bitcoin (many years have passed since then), I felt that cryptocurrencies would revolutionize the centralized financial system over time and turn the entire FIAT system upside down. On this blog, made for my friends who are just entering the world of cryptocurrencies, I want to share my knowledge and help them get to know this world.

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