Seed Phrase is Important !

Seed Phrase is Important !

By Jirasak | My life to crypto | 29 Nov 2020

Have you ever failed in recovery or recall the beautiful photos , your favourite songs or great movies from your broken computer or stolen mobile phone ? How do your feel? That should be a regret and upset , right ? And what if this happened to your money in your own crypto wallet ? I guess you will probably get mad for the rest of days.

In the crypto scheme you need an application called a wallet. The Wallet is a software where users can store , send and receive the crypto. It comes with the set of meaning words specific for each of wallet, for example : taxi car return wear money van thick rose hope degree comb hear. This set of words called Seed Phrase or Backup Seed Phrase. It is very important to be kept secret and permanent, because the use of this phrase is very important when you broke the computer, lost , change or stolen of your mobile phone.

Whenever you changed the device by any reasons, the first thing you do is to re-download the wallet application and get to the recovery procedure. In the recovery procedure, the application will ask you to code your Seed Phrase to retrieve all of your previous wallet data, you will have to create a new one and that means your coins are gone forever unless you have no Seed Phrase available. So, make sure you have it secured some where and hard to be destroyed.

Never seen such Words?

That means the wallet or even your coins are not exactly yours. This can be happened if you are using the wallet of the exchanges. The exchanges will store this seed data on their server but not let you know. Whatever the reasons having no Seed Phrase under your control, it means all the assets you have are not yours. The person who has the Seed Phrase only can take a fully control of the wallet.

Remember, keep the Seed Phrase secure and permanent some ways. Don' t let anyone know but only you. This is very important for the unforeseen future if you get broke or lost or stolen your device, so that can recall the coins back again.

Instruction is always important, don't skip or quick when you are creating a wallet, read all the instruction well.

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