Bitkub Coin (KUB) +70% Through the Roof

Bitkub Coin (KUB) +70% Through the Roof

By Beren | My life to crypto | 1 Aug 2021

Bitkub Coin (KUB) : a native coin on Bitkub Chain by Bitkub Exchange of Thailand went through the roof of over 70% from its previous price yesterday (30 July 2021 : GMT+7). The severe change in price is caused by the launch of BITKUB CHAIN WHITEPAPER V2.0, saying that 89% of the KUB supply will be burned to lower the initial supply of 1,000,000,000 KUB to 110,000,000 KUB.
KUB was initially launched at the price of 30 THB (approximately 0.90 USD) per 1 KUB. Unfortunately, KUB was continuously down slope to the approximately 0.30 USD and maintained. KUB has never been back to its previous high since the first launched until there came the White Paper V2.0 on 30 July 2021 and made its price up to 24 Hrs hogh at approximately 0.70 USD, but still not yet hit its previous high.
KUB on the Bitkub Exchange platform currently works as a trading currency and convertible for trading free credits with the price guarantee at 30 THB per 1 KUB. It is up to the owner of KUB that they would like to trade them or convert into the trading free credits. However, other than these 2 main utilities, there are additional outlines of the use of KUB regarding to the White Paper V2.0 , KUB will be used as a Gas Fee on Bitkub Chain lower from 50 Gwei to 5 Gwei , convertible to a free trading credits, staking thru the Bitkub Next application to earn the digital assets, redemption for partner’s services and products, NFTs project and marketplace, and launching Morning Moon Village game. Those in the White Paper V2.0 are for mass adoption reason. Let’s see how the KUB is traveling thru.

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