If you are not evolving, you are degenerating. My life My rules

By My life My rules | My life My rules | 22 Feb 2024

People from ancient times have wanted to have locks to their bodies and minds. To be stronger, to be smarter, to gain power over fate and over entire generations. The world has changed, the wisdom of generations is dissolving and losing its original core. People understand less and less what and, most importantly, why they are doing what they are doing.

Every day doing sports of any kind, whether it is running, gym or classes on the bar. Physical activity increases blood flow, which has a positive effect on the brain. Due to this, oxygen is transported in sufficient quantity and brain cells are activated to perform native functions. The consequence of this is greater mental concentration, birth of new cells that improve memory and learning ability. It also helps in reducing the fatigue, weakness and tiredness that monotonous work causes.

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My life My rules
My life My rules

"Motivation" | "Self-education and improvement"

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