Moving a family and household overseas during COVID


It's a busy time of year in my field of work. We use the summertime to move households and locations so that kids' school years are not interrupted. Work told me that it was time for our turn overseas in a non-US country and initially we were thrilled. But, it turns out that moving a whole family and their things to a new country is a huge pain. And during COVID, it's the WORST!

So for anyone who is considering it, here are some of my tips:

1. Get passports for everyone as early as possible

2. Get visas for everyone as early as possible

3. Make sure you don't ALSO need a diplomatic note to get through customs

4. Double check all the spelling and dates on the documents!

5. Make sure that the names on the airplane tickets match the passports and visas!

6. Know what the COVID testing requirements are for that country

7. Know how long it takes to get a test result and where to get the tests.

7a. Know if they will test little kids (as it applies to you

8. Shipping a vehicle is painful too. Might as well just buy one there (particularly if they drive on the opposite side of the road.

8a. If you do need to ship one, then you need it to be impeccably clean before you ship it. Which means detailing. And that's costly.

9. Pets have tons of restrictions and rules that need to be followed to send them anywhere. Research it with your vet and figure out what you need to do and when to take them with you. Also keep in mind the weather at that time of year so you don't endanger them in the hot sun and in travel.

10. Kid's noise limiting headsets and a tablet are completely justifiable expenses!

11. So is the adult beverage you drink to deal with the kids and long flight


Stay safe and successful!

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