Frustrated Artist in Me

Frustrated Artist in Me

By ajeugenio | My Life and My Passion | 20 Mar 2021

Frustrated chef, frustrated singer, etc. etc. This what we say when we want to have that skill or talent but not able to achieve it.

As for me, I am a frustrated artist or painter. I love to draw even when I was in elementary up until I graduated from a trade school.

I love to draw nature, animals, even a human portrait. But it seems that I'm not satisfied because unlike other artist, they can do as if it was photographed, alive and full of colors.

I appreciate art, but sadly I have color blindness that could be one of the reasons I can't draw well or put colors on every of my drawings.

Below are some of my works.

Gokou and Gohan

Drewn on my rooms' wall using charcoal and colored chalk

Gokou and Gohan


Man of steel/Superman

From my wall and same materials as above




Drewn using Oslo paper and HB pencil.



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My Life and My Passion
My Life and My Passion

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