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By ga38jem | Crypto Events | 3 Nov 2021

In case you didn’t notice, you will read it in this article. Last Saturday Illuvium dropped its gameplay trailer and it is amazing. For everybody out there who doesn’t know, Illuvium is supposed to be the first AAA crypto game that will come out and its release date is something around Q1 in 2022. In this article we will break down what this trailer included and what this means for the game.



Let’s start of with a view facts about Illuvium for those who don’t know what this game is about. It is a game based on the Ethereum blockchain and it is supposed to be the first AAA crypto game that comes out. I must say that the graphics are truly amazing as you can see from the linked trailer.

The game by itself is easily explained. In the world of Illuvium exists different Illuvials. Each Illuvials has three evolution forms and for each evolution you need three Illuvials of the same kind. These Illuvials are treated as NFTs and you can use them to participate in fights or catch more Illuvials. Each Illuvial has a certain type, like water or fire, and a certain trait, like Slayer or Rogue. Additionallyto that, this game will have recources, weapons and armor which can be also bought and sold on the in game market place and which are supposed to be treated as NFTs as well.


There are 6 tiers of Illuvials, zero to five, where Tier 0 Illuvials will be a Free To play experience. This is done for people who want to learn the game without spending any money first. It is also in discussion whether it is possible to grind the way up by farming Tier 0 Illuvials to then proceed to the next Tier. In order to catch higher Tier Illuvials, players will have to play a certain amount of ETH to travel into another environment. There the player will have a certain amount of energy which he can use to gather resources or catch Illuvials. Obviously, this game is much deeper and will have a lot more mechanics than I just described but I think for a overall overview this should be enough.



After describing the game, lets break down the gameplay trailer which you can watch here:



I want to point out some things that came to my eye. First the intro in this trailer is amazing. Although I don’t think that this will be the graphics, I am most certainly sure that the following picture will be in the game. It shows the battlefield if you are battling another player and I think this looks more than cool! As you can see, there are different types of Illuvials and it will be crucial to select the ones that are most fitting for this match up. The selection will be the most important part before a battle because this game will be an auto-battler. This means that there will be almost no chances to change anything during the battle.


Besides some cool animations and battle sequences I want to point out another cool screenshot. Here, we are seeing how the world will look like if you are not on the battlefield. As I interpret it this would be an area that you would have to travel to firstly find any Illuvials. You will find them if you are exploring the area. Furthermore, it will be possible to collect resources what we can see in the third picture.





I am very excited for this game to come out and dive into this game heals overhead. I really think that it has the most potential due to the fact that it is called the next gen Pokemon. The best part is that every Illuvial that you catch is a NFT so you will have ownership over your Illuvials. The only thing that I am afraid of is that the entrance prizes for the Tier 1 Illuvials and higher will sky rocket relatively quickly especially with the current ETH gas prizes.



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