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Illuvium - Release Strategy

By ga38jem | Crypto Events | 14 Nov 2021

In today’s article I want to talk about the upcoming game that makes me really excited. The game I am talking about is Illuvium and some of you probably already heard about this game. But for those of you who didn’t, it is essentially the next generation Pokemon game that will probably define the future of gaming. It is supposed to be the first AAA crypto game and is planned to be a Free-2-Play game. Its release date is not certain but it is planned to come out in Q1 2022. This probably depends on how well the closed beta will go which is starting somewhere in the next weeks. In this article I want to talk about how I understand the game will work, what ways there will be to earn profits and what my strategy will be going forward.


Catching Illuvials

The main aim of the game is to catch Illuvials and make a good performing team out of them. Like I mentioned in a few of my previous articles there are different Tiers, types and trait. The Tiers go from 0 to 5 and the higher a tier an illuvial has the stronger it is and the harder it is to catch. Types are essentially water, fire, earth etc. You all know them and this is not different to any other game there is out there. The trait category includes things like Slayer or Rogue which will define the Illvuials and make them a little bit more unique. Each Illuvial has three Evoultion steps and in order to get to the next one the player has to have three Illuvials of the same type. This will make it very interesting in the long run.


In order to catch those Illuvials the player has to find them first. This is done by traveling to an environment of the players choice. There will be around 7 to 9 different sectors where the player can travel to. They differentiate each other in Tiers and also in types. For example, in a fire type environment the player will be more likely to find fire type illuvials and so on. The travel to Tier 0 environments is supposed to be free and for the new player to get to learn the game. After that each teleport to another environment will cost a small fee in ETH. Now for those of you who are afraid of the big Ethereum gas fees: These fees will not be that high because the dev-Team uses a Layer 2 solution to keep the transaction fees as low as possible. After the player arrives in the area of his choice, he will have a certain amount of “Energy” (I call it that way, maybe it will be called different once the game is out). Each action the player makes from this point on will cost him energy and when the energy is zero the player will return to his base or original spot where he came from.

Now why is this important? The player will have a choice between scanning the environment first and pick the Illuvials he wants to battle in order to find them or he just goes blindly into the world and just runs into battles. The first option will cost more energy but it also gives the chance to encounter those Illuvials which the player is looking for. With the second option the player will have the opportunity to catch more Illuvials. Furthermore, it is important to mention that you have to defeat the Illuvials in order to catch them. That means that you shouldn’t go into a Tier5 environment with a few Tier 0 Illuvials. Additionally, it is important to have a balanced and homogenous team that complements each other so that it can play out its strengths. It is probably not the smartest thing to go into a water environment with just fire Illuvials. Another interesting fact is that the more Illuvials had been caught the harder it will be to catch the same Illuvial. That means that after a certain time it will get harder to catch those Illuvials.

The best part is, that those Illuvials are NFTs. That means that the player has full ownership over the Illuvials that he caught in the game. It is also possible to trade those Illuvials for Ethereum. What is even more interesting is that each Illvuvial will have a Gold and a Shiny/ Holo version. These versions will be more rare and will be wanted by collectors. Their in game stats will not be affected. Which brings me to the next portion of this article.


P2E Aspect

Crypto Games are known for their Play to Earn Aspects. And one of the possibilities to earn profits of this game is to sell your Illuvials since they are NFTs. Further possibilities will be, according to the Discord Channel:

  • Sell farmed materials: which can also be found in the environments. Those materials will probably be used to craft some potions or steroids for a particular time.
  • Sell Crafted items: Very similar to the previous point. The player can probably sell crafted items like armor or weapons because they will be also treated as NFTs. These weapons and armor is important because the player’s avatar is also participating in the battles which will give you a better chance of winning the stronger you avatar is.
  • Play the market place: If you are a trader then you can try to play the market place. I am pretty sure there will be plenty of opportunities to buy items for cheaper and then sell them for a profit.
  • Wager on battles: Here comes the PvP aspect into play. Players can either wage ETH against each others or even bet on going battles. This part is personally nothing that I want to participate in but it sounds like an interesting part of the game where a lot of money can be made.
  • Tournament rewards: There are also Tournaments planned where players can participate in. This is similar to the previous point but I think it is more “official” and organized than just “street battles” against friend.


My Strategy

As I mentioned in my intro, I am very excited for this game. With this being said, I am not a person who likes to spend a lot of money on games like these. This is why my approach to this game is more casual than others. I am planning to start this game in a more grindy way. I will start like everyone else in Tier 0 and try to understand the game more. After I understood it I would continue to grind Tier 0 Illuvials more effectively until I have a good team and I feel certain to move to the next levels. At this point I would be ready to invest some money into the game. It is being said that to participate in the in game economy an initial investment of 50$ is needed which is fair from my point of view. At the end, if you want a normal AAA game people are also paying around 70$ just to play it. After I understand the higher Tiers I would feel comfortable to invest a little more just to proceed in the game but I am not planning on throwing out my money for this game. I think to have a fun experience and participate in the cool stuff an investment of about 100$ should be enough.


What about you? Have you already heard of this game and if yes what strategy will you be using to start your journey in this upcoming game?



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On 14th November 2021

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