My journey Into the world of crytpo

My journey Into the world of crytpo

We as the name implies, this is me chronicling of my journey into the world of Crypto currency. I hope to bring a level of assurance to the anyone who finds them self reading this Blog wanting to know more of this hidden world often associated with unsavoury intentions . I taken the leap of faith started earning BTC with out any investment, and used a Bitcoin ATM all in 1 week. Big steps for someone such as myself so follow me and let's take a closer look at the magic of Crypto currency.

Who will join my team in Pi

16 Dec 2020 1 minute read 0 comments CraigJ

Well what can I say ? When I find a rabbit hole I like to really go down the rabbit hole. As I mentioned in my previous post Cointiply is worth it.  I like the PTC, this is where I found the aforementioned rabbit hole.  I bring you the Pi network a p...

Cointiply is worth the time.

13 Dec 2020 1 minute read 0 comments CraigJ

So this is a quick post just in case you have not heard of Cointiply.  If you live in North America this easily one of the best ways to earn free BitCoin.  With a Faucet Roll every hour, rain pool bonus just for a click-earn at lest 1 Coin earned eve...