[SWISSBORG] #4 (PROTECT AND BURN) How does SwissBorg Counter The Bear Market?

[SWISSBORG] #4 (PROTECT AND BURN) How does SwissBorg Counter The Bear Market?

By Arkato | My journey about SWISSBORG | 23 Feb 2021

Hello to all readers and wonderful writers.

Every CHSB holder will benefit from a decrease in supply. 20% of the revenue from the SwissBorg ecosystem is used to buy back and burn CHSB tokens. This creates scarcity and value for you as a CHSB holder over the long term.

Not read my [SWISSBORG] #1 Summary ?? do not hesitate to take a quick tour to understand the usefulness of the platform. 

Okay so we have already made the tour of certain advantages of SwissBorg which I consider as solid PILLARS on which TEAM SUISSE has already built its token and its APP.
We saw the yield on the USDC, the interest of the CHSB token (with its own Yield Farming), we also recently saw the ROADMAP 2021 and took a look at the 2nd SwissBorg application which is more of a game for you introduce trading in a fun way.


Ok time is money, but so is knowledge! So let's start now.

And today we are going to see one of the BIGGEST PILLAR the "Protect And Burn" system.

As said above 20% of the revenue from the SwissBorg ecosystem is used to buy back and burn CHSB tokens. This creates scarcity and value for you as a CHSB holder over the long term.

Do you realize it's just huge? They have planned everything and that's what makes the difference with other platforms: they really want to protect their community and give the maximum stability to their TOKEN to avoid the pump and dumb that small investors can suffer on d 'other TOKEN.


As you can see today there is 1 million dollar stuck in this program which is only getting bigger (it was 400k on February 1st ....)

As you can see in this picture, they have already used this protection and the latest one is from December 2020 so you must see this million as a shield for your investment during the bear market period!

Of course this is not investment advice and if you want to form your own opinion go directly to the SwissBorg website which will explain the advantages of the program to you much less than I do!

But if this system of protection or BURN sounds familiar to you, it is because BINANCE also uses BURN.
Except that here it's 20% of all FEES on any crypto that goes in this bag.

Since January 03, they have not used protect and burn and for good reason you can see on this COINGECKO graph that the CHSB has only increased.


So imagine a Token that is only going up and for good reason ... when we have the recipe: solid pillars, an active development team that communicates every day and a community that like me believes 2000% in this project but which to a golden parachute in the event of BEAR MARKET.

I'm really excited about this project so let's say I'm 50% objective that's already good x).

To finish and of course you are used to it, here is my link to register and win UP to 100€ in BTC
you will win a scratch ticket and so will I.. It's win-win but you already know all that.


Personally I had € 28 with this link, and as our good old bank says "Past performance is no guarantee of future performance"
I see it more as the icing on the cake, this one being the project itself and its perfect plan!

STEP 1: You need to download APP and make a deposit of 50€ by fiat or crypto (try by crypto it's faster than waiting ur bank)

STEP 2: Receive a ticket and claim your reward
Scratch your ticket to reveal your Bitcoin prize, and then keep sharing to earn more tickets!

And this is where there is no trap, you can immediately withdraw your € 50 (or other $ of course) + your scratch winnings with very low fees.

Although without any investment advice, personally I will at least keep these gains by placing them in the CHSB. 50 € now but who knows tomorrow? If you believe in the project, like me I am invested in it.

Take care of yourself


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My journey about SWISSBORG
My journey about SWISSBORG

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