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My intro to Crowdholding
My intro to Crowdholding

My intro to Crowdholding

I came across the Crowdholding website as I was searching for ways to earn cryptocurrency online. I've joined and have been very active ever since. There's not a ton of crypto to be earned but the education has been amazing! I've learned about many start ups revolving around crypto. On the Crowdholding forum, tasks are listed and you choose which to participate in. The more participation, the higher your earnings. It's free to join and we are always looking for more users.

Contest on 2keys from Crowdholding

26 Jan 2020 1 minute read comments Karen M Check out this fun contest on 2keys. I learned of it on Crowdholding. If you aren't yet a Crowdholder, please join...

Pynk BestDApp

14 Dec 2019 1 minute read comments Karen M

      I learned of several months back as part of a task on . Pynk is an investment prediction tool using A.I, everyday people (like me) and expert analysts. Together, we predict the price of Bitcoin, gold and Nasdaq. In exch...