I Am Worried About My Mother's Tonsillitis


I don't know about my mother's recurring Tonsillitis what causes it because it recurs ever since I can remember it way back. One thing is that my mother always hawks her throat and spits mucus out.

I told her already not to do that because it hurts her tonsils. But she would not listen to me since it was has been her, I should say routine already.

It is a problem because Tonsillitis causes Kidney or Heart problems whichever gets a person first because somewhat it causes the body's defense mechanism to turn to itself.

In my case however it was seen as the factor because when my Kidney got biopsied it revealed that my body's immune system itself had actually attacked my Kidneys.

I am still uncertain that Tonsillitis was the cause of my failed Kidneys because I am already showing signs of being feeble when I was younger because when I was still being conceived by my Mother she said that I might be a girl because I do not move much in her womb.

But anyway I hope and pray that my mother would overcome her throat problem soon. I still want her to be as healthy as can be together with my whole family. We only have a small family as both of my brothers just decided to produce two younglings each while my sister has three because they were trying for a boy that didn't came.

But whatever happens I am a bot sure that we can handle it especially now that I guess having to support myself financially is out of the question anymore because of the cryptocurrency that I am trying to grow for achieving my goals not only for myself but also for my family, I needed more time and of course blessing from God.

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My Intentions In Blogging
My Intentions In Blogging

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