Where I Started

By Secrett | My In-World Journal | 29 Mar 2022

After a few weeks of researching how and where to begin my inworld earnings, I stumbled on a website called SimpleBits by chance.

When I initially saw the three different sorts of coins on the site, I thought it was going to be difficult.
After a period of reading and comprehension, I quickly learned that the site allowed me to do more than just earn a few dollars by doing faucets, shortlinks, and surveys.
There are additional mining simulators. Cryptocurrency can be earned in a variety of ways. 

I've been using this site to earn money for several months and was able to save up enough coins to purchase Shiba Inu, as I described in my previous post.


PS. not promoting sites , just documenting for fun



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My In-World Journal
My In-World Journal

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