‘The Paris Apartment’ – Lucy Foley

‘The Paris Apartment’ – Lucy Foley

By Book-worm | My Good Reads | 6 Dec 2021


Lucy Foley does it again…a thriller that gets its hold on you and draws you in.

Featuring a cast of characters that you can’t help but hate/love, The Paris Apartment is a story that I’m sure lots will be talking about upon its release.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for giving me the chance to read this in advance of publication.

Our story focuses on a mysterious apartment block in Paris and a family with plenty to hide. Sometimes secrets can be kept for years, but just one thread unravelling can pull it all apart. While the secrets are not anything out of the ordinary, the way they have tangled over the years and the resulting problems make for a most intriguing read.

When Jess needs to escape her life in London after a run-in with her pervert boss, she flees to her brother, Ben, who has found himself an apartment in Paris. She gets more than she imagined, as we already know that something has happened to Ben. Watching Jess blunder into this macabre building – with deliciously creepy characters and a wonderfully oppressive atmosphere full of shadows that could just be hiding something threatening – felt uncomfortable at times. We sensed she was getting into something potentially dangerous, but her determination to leave no stone unturned and to help those in need meant you couldn’t help but wish her success in her endeavours.

Knowing no more than is revealed to us in the blurb is important for this read. We know something is not right, but the way these little details are revealed is done well. Perhaps a little more background information about some of the characters would have been welcome but there was plenty to be getting on with.

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