Bitcoin price skyrocketing. What do you guys think?

The last few days I've been reading multiple different articles from different sources predicting huge jumps of BTC's price even this year.

There was this very specific piece that was talking about the different bull-runs over the years and their calculation is that we will hit 100k this year, 400k next, and 1kk in 2021. I won't be posting links here, just want to see what do you guys think.

There was also different articles mentioning John Mcafee, who's one of the smartest people on the plannet that he's believing in those predictions of BTC increasing by thousants percents in the next 2 years. 

There are pieces about this reddit user, who claims to came back in time from 2025 back to 2010 and each year since then correctly predicted the BTC price. Not that I believe that, it is just interting to me what you guys think about the current situation?

I'm holding a small amount of bitcoin and not planning to sell before it hits those big bucks :) 

When would you sell?

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My experiences in Crypto World and online profits
My experiences in Crypto World and online profits

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