Tech news of the Week 26 - last day, Sunday.

By Assassyn | Allekrypto | 4 Jul 2021

Form now I will try to write a news post every day, the main reason is that if anything interesting will happen on Monday, there is little point to report it on Saturday. 

 * Copilot on Github - the main open source hosting platform introduced the new tool to help you write a better code. This is kind of controversy, as I already have seen at least one post of people leaving GH and HackerNews post of what to do with it.

 * Windows 11 will require Microsoft account for most of the users - that mean that ability to create the account without having Microsoft account will only work on Windows 11 Pro. 

 * Apex Legends  has been attacked today.  - so if this is your game of choice look for sth else ;( 

* So Apple vs EU round ??? - so after Tim Cook is trying to defend single AppStore idea under a security and privacy, EU leaders are going against it (again? ). I suppose Apple love to control the app store and not to allow any over source as this is a goose that lay golden eggs for them.  On the other hand I would like EU to force Apple to give their users a choice, even imagery one.

* Yet if you want to kill apple there is another name for the WiFi network. However, they are working on iOS15 and new beta is released now.  Have I mentioned problems with HomePod OS as well.

By the way I think that Apple should enable the alternative app shop and make the change as simple as changing default browser on Windows 10, you only need like 6 clicks for it :( 

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