Wonderful Ride to Unimaginable Zomorrod Waterfalls, Guilan, Iran

Zomorrod Twin waterfalls (Zomorrod means emerald) is very incredible and indescribable.

We went there with cycling friends and really enjoyed the beauty of the route.


As a newbie, it was somewhat difficult for me to pedal on the uphill and mountainous route.

But when you are with a reliable and friendly group, who have you back all the way, the difficulties of the way become easy for you.



Intimate and confident young or old folks who guide you on their way and if you get tired or exhausted in any way, they will stand behind you and extend a helping hand.



The emerald twin waterfall was absolutely gorgeous and although I can see the pictures on my phone and enjoy them, the original pictures still remain fresh in my mind.




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Melina Mehr
Melina Mehr

I'm a freelance writer, passionate about, music, books and nature.

My cycling experiences
My cycling experiences

When I go riding on my bike, the world around me becomes exciting and so elegant all at once, so despite the shortcomings, disasters and horrors… I embrace it. I know it is not just me having these feelings, but I’m definitely another nature lover looking for unanswered questions in an extraordinary manner as well. I cherish the pictures caught by my camera and the ones remained forever in my essence.

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