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Intro to Blog

Welcome to my blog and thank you for joining me in my journey as a noob entering the crypto space as I ultimately attempt to achieve financial freedom. 

I'll start off by telling you a little about myself and about how I got into the crypto space in the first place.
Back in 2018 I was a broke University student in Canada and I had heard some murmurs of crypto and how it could revolutionize the finance world, but I never really thought much of. That was until one of my close friends from university had informed me he was making insane gains on trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. I did the regular noob thing and signed up with coin base and at the high transaction fees and bought my first portion of BTC with about $200. I then signed up for the Poloniex exchange and started experimenting with day trading/investing. I did some day trading, but I was never really that successful and I was not that interested in spending all my time day trading. I ended up just taking what little I had left and and left it in ATOM on Poloniex as it was the first I had ever heard of a staking project back in 2018. I thought I'll leave this to gain 7% apr (gain 7% interest annually compounded daily). 

Fast-forward to May 2021. I am University graduate and have been working a full-time engineering type role for the past 3 years. Working hard and trying to save as much as possible to invest in dividend index funds and real estate, but it is a slow grid of a process. 
I hear all this crazy news about crypto crushing all-time highs. 
I log back into my Poloniex and my ATOM had grown to be about $3000. 
I had no idea what to do with this coin, but I wanted to know if I could make this grow at a faster rate. 
This is when I was first introduced to the defi space of cryptocurrency. I was seeing instances of people making more %apr in a week compared to what was on track to make with Poloniex Cosmos staking in a year.

This is where I am currently at. I have been experimenting with different wallets, dapps, yeild farming, and exchanges. 
I would like to document my gains through defi yield farming, give guides to help others get into the space, and provide my opinion on whatever i experiment with. 

Upcoming blog posts to expect:
- Wallets and exchanges. How to fund wallet/ exchange
- Guide how to participate in yield farming 
- Yields farming progress updates 
- Lessons I learn as I go 

Looking forward to making more posts, reading other blogs, hopefully making some friends to discuss crypto with. 

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I like crypto and money and tech :)

My cryptonoob journey
My cryptonoob journey

I will be documenting my progress as I experiment with crypto investments, defi yelds, and just general lessons I learn with crypto. Hope to learn and make friends along the way!

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