Student Coin – New layout – minus any referral payment information to be found

Student Coin – New layout – minus any referral payment information to be found

By LoveCrypto | My CryptoEducation | 28 Apr 2021

UPDATE 5/15/21: Student Coin paid me the referral payment! I think that is promising for investors in this project.


Student Coin has a new layout. It actually looks pretty nice when you login. Lots of links to potential positive news / listing / plans for Student Coin. I hadn’t logged in for a while and wanted to check on if they updated when they would be paying the referral fees for their affiliate link.


To my surprise affiliate / referral information is no longer available. There is no link or information page anywhere. I hoped onto their Telegram page to ask where it was. A person in the chat informed me that support told everyone they removed the information to avoid confusion now that the ICO was completed. And that there has been no update on when they would be sending out payments.

This seems like the opposite of what they should do. It is not hard to have a dedicated page to show status and current balance. Just put a disclaimer at the top saying the referral period / program has ended. I find this a bit concerning. What do you think?

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My CryptoEducation
My CryptoEducation

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