One word for someone that people in the UK would say is like Bovril. You either love him or hate him there is no in between, but in my case I am right in the middle. I feel there are some things he has done well but there are also many things in which he has been a disaster.

Even though he was defeated in the election (and there are all sorts of conspiracy theories around about election fraud) he still managed to get 71 million votes to Biden's 73 million.

So what are the things he has done right or wrong and obviously each are a subjective depending on your own views of different topics:


(1) The economy - No matter what you think of him he is a business man and before the pandemic hit the US economy was doing reasonably well (but probably not as well as Trump would lead you to believe).

(2) NATO - Although he rubbed a lot of nations up the wrong way he did get some of them to agree to stump up more money because as he quite rightly said USA was being relied upon too much to defend the West.

(3) He kept saying he would clear the swamp and many people vote for him simply because he is not a career politician and there is too much corruption in politics in the West just as much as some of these 3rd world nations. Many are puppets for big business.



(1) Pandemic - Again many think he has the right attitude in the herd immunity like stance he seems to favour. However, he doesnt help his case in any way with some of his comments such as the Bleach one (which was not a joke no matter what he says.) This pandemic is a no-win for politicians as locking down does just as much damage as opening up. 

(2) His comments on many things are unpresidential but again this is actually a good thing too many as he says what he thinks. In my opinion the tongue is the one organ that needs most control.

(3) Climate change - He does not recognise Climate change but personally I do and so do most people and governments. I think his stance is more economic in that he wants to help oil and coal industries in the USA but are young people will have a bleak future if we do nothing never mind the demise of nature.


Anyway what do you all think??

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Not really a big reader but interested in crypto

My Cryptocurrency Journey (Part 1)
My Cryptocurrency Journey (Part 1)

I started in cryptocurrency in June 2017 when the last bull run was in its final 6 months big run up (although I didnt realise that at the time). My portfolio of about £3000 had reached a total of approx £27000 but unfortunately I didnt cash out so this is presently (5/1/20) worth 50% of my original investment but I am hoping an upturn is underway and I will be back in a profit. I will in next part give some thoughts and tips for newbies (who dont intend to learn technical analysis and day trade).

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