Name Crypto you think is best investment for 2021 and beyond?


This post is designed for feedback from all you smart crypto enthusiasts out there. I thought Electroneum was going to be big but to be honest it has been a big disappointment so far 3 years down the line. I still hold my intial investment but wont be putting anything else into it as compared to other crypto projects in terms of ROI it has been poor. I still have high hopes long term. 

However there are many good projects out there and I wondered if you fancy giving your opinion on your favourite and why? 


Is it Polkadot or Uniswap or API3 or something else that hasnt taken off yet?


Let me know your thoughts.

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Not really a big reader but interested in crypto

My Cryptocurrency Journey (Part 1)
My Cryptocurrency Journey (Part 1)

I started in cryptocurrency in June 2017 when the last bull run was in its final 6 months big run up (although I didnt realise that at the time). My portfolio of about £3000 had reached a total of approx £27000 but unfortunately I didnt cash out so this is presently (5/1/20) worth 50% of my original investment but I am hoping an upturn is underway and I will be back in a profit. I will in next part give some thoughts and tips for newbies (who dont intend to learn technical analysis and day trade).

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