Random coin of the day: MediBloc(MED)

Choosing a random number between one and one thousand and exploring the cryptocurrency in that position in relation to its market cap today we will be looking at MediBloc. 

What problem is it solving?

Medibloc gives you access and control over how you want to use your data related to your health. Every day healthcare databases face hacking attacks and it's only a matter of time before your data is breached. MediBloc stores your data on a blockchain where not only is it more secure but any changes can instantly be recognised. 

How does it work?

MediBloc is a Dapp platform with three layers. The core layer simply provides storage space and the service layer facilitates communication between the core layer and application layer through smart contracts. Applications can be developed for the platform for the benefit of everyone using the services. 

How is it different from Bitcoin?

MediBloc is a Dapp on the ethereum network which is in a different ecosystem relative to bitcoin. MediBloc gives you control over your medical data whereas bitcoin gives you control over wealth.


MediBloc is an innovative breakthrough in the healthcare sector that combines life-saving services and blockchain into one secure platform. 

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My cryptocurrency adventure
My cryptocurrency adventure

Hello! I have been interested in cryptocurrencies for a year now and I am super excited. I can't wait to see how they solve the problems of tomorrow and how as a society each of us can gain from this and become better individuals overall.

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