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!!! Netflix A special tax is created for streaming services !!!

By lulek | My Crypto News | 25 Sep 2020

   People who consider Netflix and other streaming services as a basic good will have to worry. The Polish government plans to introduce a surcharge of 1.5% on revenues for the Polish Film Institute. This is part of the design of the next anti-virus shield (3.0). From the information we have now it is not difficult to name it other than as just another tax.

   The media term "Netflix tax," led the government to present an official position. The Minister of Finance Tadeusz Kościński spoke on the case.

  "It will not be a tax, but a subsidy that the Minister of Culture would like to impose on companies generating profits thanks to World."

  The Minister of Culture said that this overpayment, or like most journalists prefer to say "Netflix tax", is to be paid directly to the Polish Film

yes yes Polish at my coutry :) Institute.

        This has some deeper sense to some extent. We know that PISF has been powered mainly by cinemas, television and film distributors for almost 15 years. Streaming is responsible for a significant decrease in the revenues of the three, which reduces the impact on PISF. In addition, all cinemas are closed at the moment and generate no revenue, which further damages the institution. So additional income for PISF may be crucial in the current situation.

   The biggest , The King  --  This is Netflix


   This "tax" will greatly help the PISF budget as Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service, according to      According to the site, this service is used by as many as 5.4 million active users in Poland....

   We can expect even more revenue next year, especially from Netflix. His popularity in our country reached its peak with the premiere of "The Witcher", and in 2021 the premiere of the second season is to take place. This brand is undoubtedly one of the most important in Poland and its popularity certainly helped Netflix to become a leader in our country.

   We can only ask ourselves a serious question about the effectiveness of obtaining these subsidies from foreign entities. Frequently, international companies have avoided paying similar taxes, so it is possible that they will succeed this time as well. In addition, the language in which the bill was saved allows for many understatements because "audiovisual services on demand" is a fairly broad definition. Therefore, I would not be surprised if Stadia from Google was also hit by this surcharge, although it is used for streaming games.

On World... ??? :)

Adding up the revenues of all services operating in Poland -- lol .. // :) .. -- may receive up to PLN 15-20 million. orr mooreeee ?


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