How a musician became interested in the crypto world.

Ok I have to make a line with my introduction. I’m Hansel, a musician living in Bogotá, Colombia. I play the piano and have a YouTube channel where I play my favourite songs.

I’ve been interested in trading since I was a teenager, however I thought I needed to be a very good math student in order to achieve great results in the market. I never searched for more information or haven’t a tutor to help me in this subject, so I lost interest.

What about crypto? The only thing I know about it was that bitcoins were used for illegal activities in the deep web. So never thought there were more tokens and coins, etc.


How I entered in this world? Well, one of my YouTube subs wrote to me because he wanted to collab with me, (I usually don’t collab with anyone). We insisted to make a video, so I agreed to do it. He published the video on his channel but is was a small one. However he told me he shared the video on a platform called Steemit, he said he received great reviews and made some money. He kindly offered me to share his earnings, but I needed to create an account. Those earnings were so good, more than what I earned on YouTube, so it was like a good option to start making more money.

I started watching more videos about steemit and more recommendations about blogs, pages and even trading in crypto. So I’m here, I started on February and became like a new world for me. I wanna learn a lot, so I’ll do my best to take advantage of all this great stuff.

This was a story about how I’m here and except to do more in this blog.


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Musician, pianist, composer. Sports enthusiast and crypto learner

My crypto learning, music sharing and life
My crypto learning, music sharing and life

My journey to this crypto world, learning, experiences and sharing thoughts. Never do what I do, and of course not a financial advice. Also I want to share music and things that happens in my life

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