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Episode 5 - Gala Games, Mirandus Monday, NFTs


Hi all, as I mentioned in my first post on this blog, my goal with this blog is to discuss my journey through Crypto gaming. After a month or so, it's definitely clear to me that the crypto gaming space is vast, and some of the games are really not suited to my interests. However, Mirandus is shaping up to be the game I've always wanted. More on that in a later post.

For this installment, I would like to be brief.

Gala Token Price

Let's take a look at the Gala token price on Coingecko first.

We can see that the price of the Gala token is $0.016, about 40% below its all-time high of $0.026. Looks like a good entry point, if you believe in the Gala Games ecosystem. I personally do not have a stake in the token at this time, but only because ETH gas fees are insane right now.

New Mirandus Screenshot!

Next, a new screenshot from the Medium post on Mirandus Monday.

New Screenshot - Forest, Water, Ruins, Glades

As you can see in this image, the art style, and lighting effects are really quite beautiful. I'll quote the most relevant piece from Mirandus Monday below regarding the developer's take on the art design. I have a strong feeling that they are channeling some Runescape Classic vibes, but with a more vibrant and advanced visual approach.

Gala's Medium post, which they make a post every Monday called "Mirandus Monday" is insightful regarding the art style of the game. This quote speaks to both the technical value of this art style, as well as the aesthetically pleasing design.

With Mirandus, we are going with an art style which is reminiscent of complex papercraft and origami. Inspired by the years Michael McCarthy’s spent in Japan as head of Zynga Japan, this style evokes emotion, draws you into the game, looks beautiful, and makes it possible to produce a great deal of content relatively quickly.

Mirandus and NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are going to be a key feature of Mirandus. Basically, everything that your player character owns, everything visible inside every shop, every crop that is growing, and farm animal and a bit of loot sitting out in the world will be an NFT, a digital piece of property that you can own and even sell on the real market.

In Pre-Launch, Mirandus has a sale for some NFTs that will be the driving force of the world economy. Basically stores, homes, citadels, farms. Each of these buildings will have a certain amount of space to store other NFTs that you can carry around, and some of these NFTs will include space you can rent to other players for a fee. This excites the hell out of me and really brings to light the immersive nature of the simulated environment that the developers of Mirandus are attempting to create.

I would like to purchase at least 1 NFT in the pre-sale, but with ETH gas fees so high, I'm not super excited about paying a transaction fee that is equal to or more than the actual cost of the NFT itself. I hope that gas fees drop early enough for me to buy one of these NFTs before they run out. I'll keep you posted on how that goes. I would like to buy one of the lowest tier NFTs, shown below.


You can see a couple of these are already sold out. Perhaps I'll buy a simple storehouse, archery stand, or forge. Who knows?

Right now they are priced at 0.025 ETH, so about $45 (USD)... With gas fees so high, I feel like we are talking about $60 (USD) to purchase one of these low tier NFTs. I wish I had jumped on this earlier because when I last looked a month or so ago these were priced at around $15 (USD). Just FYI, the most expensive NFTs are these massive castles called Citadels. They are no longer on the sale page, which means big companies are buying them. Polyient Games purchased one of them for like... $500,000 (USD) a few weeks ago.

I probably should just bite the bullet now and get my NFG in case the price of ETH continues to rise.

Stay tuned!

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My Crypto Gaming Journey
My Crypto Gaming Journey

In a series of posts, I will explain in as much detail as I can my crypto gaming journey. This will include various crypto games I attempt to "play" and detailed instructions on how to play them. Since my experience so far has been that it's quite complicated to even start "playing" these games, I will try my best to outline each step I take, including my failures and successes.

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