Bitcoin and the Corona virus

Bitcoin and the Corona virus

By Topdealz | My corner of the world | 13 Feb 2020

Bitcoin and the Corona Virus

Now that the Corona virus has the world’s attention maybe it is time to again look at Bitcoin as a means of payment.

So far it was believed the virus was passed only through direct person-to-person contact with someone from an infected area but it seems that this is no longer the case.

Fears are growing it may be transmitted through non-personal contact similar to colds and flu.

The death toll from the virus continues to rise as the World Health Organisation declares a global health emergency. “The whole world must be ready to deal with corona virus”, World Health Organization (WHO) warned and urged countries to make arrangements to detect and treat the sick.

Dr Martin Wiselka, consultant on infectious diseases at the University of Leicester NHS Trust, said:

“My opinion is that this particular virus can be spread from surfaces in a similar way to colds and flu, if somebody touches a door handle who is infected and that handle is then touched by someone else, then the virus could be passed on this way.

“Viruses on surfaces can survive for several days, this includes plastic surfaces and door handles.

“Money is another route, money changes hands quickly, so if you sneeze on your hands and then put your hands in your pocket to take money out and then give it to someone else, that could pass it on.

Having said this one would think that now is the time to change your method of payment and Bitcoin is the perfect vehicle for this as there is no human to human contact making it unlikely to contract the virus through the handling of cash.

Furthermore Bitcoin is fast becoming a safe haven for your investments during the outbreak as there is a lot of uncertainty about what the global economic impact due to the virus is going to be.

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