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It has been a while since I shared a source of free BTC or other crypto. Today I would like to add information on what I have already shared in the past. has been around more than a decade and currently has over 40 million registered users. Every hour you can roll a dice and depending on the number with in the particular number range, you receive a different amount of BTC for free. This information is what many people have already shared on here including myself. If you are interested in finding out what has been added to the platform, please continue to read. is known to give its users interest with an APR of 4.08% on the bitcoin balance you have on your account. And as you can see in the screenshot below, I have been getting paid this interest on a daily basis for the past months now.



The annual interest rate of 4.08% is not bad for keeping more than 30,000 Satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in your account, but now the platform started offering more! They now offer what is called a Premium Membership, and the qualification is to own at least 2,500 FUN tokens. FUN token is another form of crypto currency that moves up and down like other crypto currencies do, and the platform promotes its users to buy and hold these tokens and that would give several benefits to those users. The current FUN token price in terms of BTC is as follows:


And depending on how many of these FUN tokens the user purchases and holds, the cashback, increased daily interest, and free spins for rewards are provided. I personally purchased 250,000 FUN tokens, and the benefits I will start receiving after holding it at least for a month would be as shown in the screenshot below.


I personally do NOT care too much about the cashback as I won't be playing those hi and low gambling, etc., but I do care about the increase in daily interest and free spins. Imagine getting 12.5% increase in daily interest after holding it for one month!? After 3 months of holding onto these FUN tokens, it would be increased by 15% and so on so forth. And guess what!? You can always sell back the FUN tokens as needed and you will earn some money back based on the price of each FUN token at the time.

By purchasing at least 2,500, this platform technically gives out more interests than any other platforms out there such as Blockfi,, or Celsius. I am not a financial advisor and you should always do your own diligent research but in my opinion this platform is probably the best passive income source if you plan to hold onto your bitcoin for some time.

Join today through the LINK here today and at least start taking advantage of hourly free bitcoin today!

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