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1 Minute Bitcoin Update 11-07-2021

1 Minute Bitcoin Update as of 11-07-2021

1. Crypto analyst Alex Kruger predicts Bitcoin price for end of 2021 ($100K). He says $1 million per BTC is inevitable in the long run.

2. Grayscale has filed for a "Future of Finance ETF" which will track blockchain type stocks.

3. Bitcoin is facing resistance near $64,000 (Support between $55K and $60K).

4. Bitcoin fear & greed index is around 73.

5. Bitcoin dominance is around 42%.

6. If Bitcoin falls to $60K, there is a good chance that it will fall further to $53K.

7. Bitcoin Taproot upgrade is expected to take place on 11/16/21.
- First upgrade in 4 years which will enable smart contract, lower the fees, and speed up the transactions.

8. Additional rally starting 11/16/21? Very possible!

9. Bitcoin is currently ranked #9 amongst other top assets by market cap where gold is still #1.

10. As always, be smart about your investment!

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