The Hidden Relation Between India and Korea

The Hidden Relation Between India and Korea

By UjjwalAditya | My Blog Diary | 26 Oct 2021

Park Tae-sang who is one of the coaches of PV Sindhu. He is a Korean !

When Narendra Modi ( India 's PM ) met him, then There must be a discussion of various things.


But one thing which was unique


Was, Narendra Modi, asking him to come and visit Ayodhya.


Now, everybody knows that the temple of Lord Ram is being built in Ayodhya


but why PM Modi is asking a Korean coach to come to visit Ayodhya?



This is a very interesting story


And today in this article, I'll be telling you the history of the past 2000yrs behind this story.

Actually, There was a princess whose name was Princess Suriratna.

People tells that she was born in Ayodhya

Her father asked her to go and find herself a husband

And when she began to find a husband then by traveling along the sea she reached Korea. She married a local king of Korea who was 'King Suro'.

The marriage later resulted in a lineage that is considered to be a very great lineage in Korea. You must have heard many Korean names having "Kim"

They came from this Lineage


Many Korean Presidents, Prime Ministers, and many great people consider themselves to be belonging to this lineage.


And they are also Proud of this.


If I tell you a story related to Korea then there were talks that, 6 eggs were fallen from the sky


from which 6 different kings were hatched


And these 6 kings created the 'Kingdom of Korea'


One among these 6 kings was King Kim Suro about whom I told you earlier


To whom Suriratna married


When both of these married then it resulted in the beginning of 'Karak' dynasty in Korea


And all this history is 2000 yrs old



I am saying all this history because, The rocks in the ship which was used by the princess are still kept by the Korean people.


And due to all this, there is a relation between Korea and India for 2000 years.


And be with us to know how this relation is connected to Ayodhya. I will tell you.


There is a book of fables in Korea called "SAMGUK YUSA".


This means Fable of Three Kingdoms


This book has a mention of a queen whose name is Queen Heo Hwang-ok ( This name is given to princess Suriratna in Korea).

This means the Korean name of Suriratna is Heo Hwang-ok and Suriratna is the Indian name


There is a very famous Anthropologist


An anthropologist is a person who studies human history in deep.


He is a Korean Anthropologist whose name is Kim Byung-mo


He tells that princess Suriratna was the princess of kingdom 'Ayuta'


'Ayuta' is also called Ayodhya


10 children were born to King Suro and princess Suriratna


And these 10 children played a major role in consolidating Korea


If you start to track the history Kim Clan of Korea then you will get to know about King Kim Suro


As he is considered to be the father of this clan


At that time names of women were not given to children


that's why most children took their father's name that is 'Kim'


and the king told two children to take the name of their mother


So they started with the name 'Heo'


Today approximately 6 million people in Korea


which is 10% of the whole population of Korea can track their lineage to this king and queen


Even former South Korean President Kim Dae Jung and former Prime Minister Kim Jong Pill


these two people also tell of their ancestry to be connected with 'Karak' dynasty


And all these things are not only a part of history


In the year 2000, Gamhae the city to which this king and queen were residents,


And Ayodhya which is a city in India


A partnership was flourished to develop these two cities as sister cities


And you won't believe that a memorial was built in the name of Princess Suriratna


which is located in Ayodhya on the banks of the river 'Saryu'.


Every year thousands of Korean tourists come to visit Ayodhya city


because they feel there is a deep connection between Korea and Ayodhya which is 2000 years old.


In the year 2016, a Korean delegation sent a proposal to the UP government to further develop this memorial.


Kim Do-young is a Delhi based professor


He tells that, strong diplomatic and economic relations among India and Korea


are due to the traces which are 2000 years old


and due to which they are now moving forward.


If you now see then, South Korean govt and Ayodhya govt together are building a park in the memory of Princess in Ayodhya.


Approximately 24 Crore Rupees is the budget proposed by UP govt for this projects.


And this park would have a statue of the Princess in one corner and a statue of the King in the other


and in between the whole story of these two would be depicted


How the Princess reached Korea through Sea,


and many incidents related to her life would be depicted


Ok you tell me the truth


How many of you were already aware of Princess Suriratna or you can say Queen Heo Hwang-ok


And if you know this already, do let me know in the comment section


By the way, doesn't this story seems interesting to you?


Along with the construction of the temple of Lord Rama in Ayodhya


there is a huge book of history that connects Korea to Ayodhya


to which many fewer people are aware of


memorials are built here


the park is under construction


and the diplomatic relations which are 2000 yrs old


which started with a sea journey at that time


are still standing stronger.


And you and I don't really care about all these


And I also get to know about this ,when I saw the picture of PM Modi asking the coach of PV Sindhu to come and visit Ayodhya.


If you were not aware of this story then maybe your friends also won't be aware.


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