R-Planet Staking NFTs

By Zagham Travel | My Blockchain Review | 31 Mar 2021


The NFT is the new craze in the crypto world and everyone just tried to collect Nfts and wait for the best time to sell at a high price. R-Planet website comes up with this unique idea to stake your NFT on the website and earn aether. You can check NFT brand compatibility on R-Planet. Aether can be traded for wax on the Alcor exchange. R-Planet also has an Aether use on the website and through the generator, everyone creates their own unique Nfts. 


I found a cool tool that gave proven recipes to create some basic elements but anyone creates or gets some unique element. So using this website recipe, I create my first unique element. It cost 40,000 Aether to create this element. These elements can be sell on or stake on R-plant.










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Zagham Travel
Zagham Travel

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My Blockchain Review
My Blockchain Review

I am not an expert on crypto but as I am using crypto for more than one year so I decided to share some experience about it. In this blog, I share my layman experience of different dapps, games, applications, etc mainly crypto-related.

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