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By Nuneron | Best Crypto sites | 6 Jun 2022


Hello to all readers


Today I will be talking about earning crypto passively, more specifically earning by sharing your unused bandwidth.

Its a pretty simple concept, you download some software and it shares your unused bandwidth in the background as you use your computer. This is particularly interesting if you have a powerful internet connection. If your connection is not the best I wouldn't advise this as it will take you absolute ages to withdraw anything meaningful. 

There are two platforms I would advise for this:


- The first one is CryptoTab ( Use my referral link to earn more: ), a simple to use, multi-option platform where you can cloud mine for free, download and use other apps/software they propose, invest in their NFTs and benefit from their referral program. This is available on computer but also on mobile devices such as phones and tablets but I wouldn't advise it on mobile devices as you have to relaunch it every couple of hours.

You can invest in it if you want to earn more income from the site but with a good connection and no investment, you can already earn an acceptable amount. I already withdrew almost 10000 satoshis in less than one month. To withdraw you just have to add your crypto address, exchange or personal  wallet, and request the amount you want. The minimum amount is quite low.



- The other site I would recommend is Honeygain ( Use my referral link to earn more and get an extra 5$ bonus at the moment: ), pretty much the same idea, you install their software or app, they utilize your unused bandwidth and reward you for it. Here you have one of two options: earn on Honeygain where you have to reach 20$ to be able to withdraw ( I'm on 10$ so I haven't been able to withdraw here yet ), or you can earn on JumpTask with Honeygain where you get JMPT token, you don't have a minimum withdrawal amount and you get paid 50% extra for choosing it in JMPT tokens ( I've earned another 10$ worth of JMPT tokens already sitting in my wallet ). JumpTask also has an offer wall area with tasks to win extra JMPT. Their is also a referral program which I would highly advise you to use as you start with an extra 5$.


Don't forget to always do your own research first and I remind you this is not investment advice, only me expressing my opinion.


All of you take care and I wish you all the best

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Best Crypto sites
Best Crypto sites

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