Pulpo a la Feria

By pitabone | My best cooking | 18 Jan 2021

Galician recipe with impressive results, it is usually served in special wooden dishes. Octopus meat is very fibrous and tough, so it is advisable to freeze it beforehand to break these fibers, when you want to eat fresh, the fishermen themselves often beat it several times to have a similar effect. dust to feira


For 6 people

1 octopus of about

2 kg. ½ kg. of patatos

Virgin olive oil

Sweet and spicy paprika

Coarse salt

polvo a feiras


Put the octopus, very clean, in the freezer and leave at least 24 hours.
Remove the octopus from the freezer and leave it at room temperature until it is completely thawed.
Put a pot on the fire, with plenty of water.
The typical thing is to use a copper cauldron, but without or having it, a stainless steel pot can be used.
When the water begins to boil, put the octopus and leave it in the boiling water for 1 minute, remove it, keep it out for 1 minute and start again, 1 minute boiling and 1 minute out.
Repeat this operation 3 or 4 times, at the last leave it in the water and let it boil over medium / high heat for about 45 minutes.
If the octopus were 4 kg. we would leave it 1 hour. Puncture it from time to time to check when it is tender. Remove the octopus from the water, drain it and cut it, the legs into slices and the body into small pieces, with the help of scissors.
Traditionally in Galicia the octopus a feira does not have potatoes, although it is quite common, especially in the rest of Spain, to serve it with potatoes, and if they can be Galician potatoes or cachelos better. In this case, in the same water where the octopus was cooked, the potatoes can be cooked, peeled and cut into slices. When they are tender take them out, drain them well and reserve them. The typical thing is to arrange the octopus slices in individual wooden plates but if they do not have them, prepare a source and place the potatoes at the bottom and the octopus pieces on them forming a layer.
Top with the olive oil, a good handful of coarse salt and sprinkle with the paprika.

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