This is my First Blog on My Artistic View.

Hello People of My World, once again, I am back here on this platform, after researching and more my life updates, understanding technologies more, getting certificates for the courses I completed.

 I just completed Google Digital Garage Course on topic 'The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing', etc, etc course on SEO and more of Digital Marketing, Copywriting, etc, etc.


I know, I had completed this 40 hours way back in March of 2023, but yet I had to give pause to writing in this website.

I had given enough hours to learn more on Publishing the content, Content Creation, Selling The Content or Work Done as a Freelancer

Not only this, I started to learn more on Stocks and Stock Trading of both crypto and non-crypto stocks.

I created my Pinterest channel, in where I started posting pins : - 

Here is the link to my Pinterest channel : - Pinterest Account

I also developed and upgraded my marketing skills, that will also be required for my future.

Also, as an artist myself, I will also promote  my artwork.

I am been learning more about Marketing lately, therefore I am inactive on this website.

So, now I just want to tell you all about my transformation, with total new approach of my skills and learning.

Just want to say this, after months of inactivity.

Please support me on these platforms as well : -

 Patreon - Aditya Madhok

( I am now heavily confessed by singing and music. I don't want to write this, but yeah I also had gained much knowledge of web 3 and other things, which I will share from my next post. )

Thanks for Reading.

Thank You


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Aditya Madhok
Aditya Madhok

Reading & Publishing various blogs for new technologies.

My Artwork and Wallpapers
My Artwork and Wallpapers

Here, I will post my generated photos and wallpapers using Python & Java. I had created much fun by designing wallpapers.

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