Sunday ... another week on the Horizon


This morning i've thought to write using one of my favorite platforms inside the blockchain, which is @publish0x  ... 


So, being a Sunday morning, it's time for a turkish coffee ... with some practice and composing protocol on turkish ney as well :-)


My saba saz semaisi suits very well to a Sunday morning that seems to leave its Light and its warm energy on the crops on every Garden, since yesterday was a stormy day with lots of rain ... that came as well as a Blessing ...


This Morning, i could see that even crops like our garlic, was very happy after the rain ...




As you can see, no matter how much it rains, the garden looks the next day as nothing happened ... maybe even the soil is thirsty or maybe the whole geographical map of the Earth is shifting and soon we'll have an saharian climate here, and maybe polar one in South America ... just saying ... it doesn't need to be so ...


Maybe, some plants within our Nature are trying to tell us their stories ...




I think, sometimes and especially through this kind of times, we've got the chance to get back in contact with the Nature within us and also the one that was created by the Great Architect all arround this Earth.


Some of you maybe are blessed to live in this kind of parts of the world where you have the sea and the jungle at your door steps ... or better to say, hopefully the door steps are made from bamboo :-)




I am curious how everything will look after this whole illusoric fairy tale that's taking action right now ...

Maybe the whole society will leave through sort of glasses inside a fake space ... and, hopefully, no one will have a shock, when at the end, before of a new beginning :-) they won't be shocked inside of what a kind of a space they were living actually without the glasses on their eyes ...

Just a small thought ... ignore it ... like so many other things i've composed/written here for quite a long time ... but hey ... 30 minutes here might be 30 years in Eternity ... or maybe is like 30 days here are like 30 minutes out there in some other Galaxies ?

Who knows, or maybe we know but we are under amnesic condition established on the beginning of our smart contract with what we call Life ... as an encrypted protocol ...

Maybe the Matrix movie was just a glimpse of an idea of what's out there ... or is within us? :-)

Let's enjoy this Life and Bless it ... I know we all are tempted to judge but this will vanish from our structure and we'll clean that karma ...

Enjoy your Sundau people, enjoy some of my music:

AND let there be Light and Blessing over everyone of us ...

I'm going now to practice and compose on my indian bansuri :-)




Never to forget that one of the most major cures for your Souls is and will remain Music :-)

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My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet
My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet

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