Philosophical questions on New World's monetary system


Once, he was walking in the Nature, along with his girlfriend ...

She approached different kind of #philosophy subjects, but at some moment, she asked him different questions from so many domains of this new #crypto monetary system ... and at some moment one question, attract his attention ...

After being asked what is his concept on planting seeds through the New World's monetary system, (and here, we are meaning strictly just from an investment perspective, giving them time to grow and not having any immediate expectance) he respond this:

"If you are thinking short, like the average mentality, to plant something just to feed immediately your mouth, that's not a good strategy ... but if you thinking "globally" not "locally", so to speak, the seeds that you have planted NOW, will bring you the unexpected fruits later, sometimes, even in years ... Now that's a smart strategy"

From this kind of conversations with such simple answers, i think, every human would learn so many things.

As i've realized, especially right in this very moment of Time in which we are in ... the average percentage of humans are just trying to stay at the surface of living ... no matter, if you are a seller at a fast-food or a seller at a book-store or an artist ... the instinct was programmed and pushed to the boundaries of the "surviving" mode ...
Maybe, some already surpassed that boundary and they are totally under the surviving status ...

Now, let's put in perspective,

Let's say, the new world economic system that will be implemented in the very next Future ... what will change this new cryptonian infrastructure inside the core of the society?

Will be embraced by the average people right away?

We still have persons who are not comfortable to use a visa card ... not to mention a crypto wallet :-)

Do you think the chip will be a solution?

People are scarred about a beast that will arrise soon ... and as we've read from sacred books, there stays written the fact that the new beast will be blind ...

Now, as a humble artist with a visionary instinct :-) i've realized that most of the people out there lost the entire story and maybe this society nowadays it's not used to read anymore between the lines and to have the capability to compare what stays written for ages and eons with the futuristic reality ...

The New World system, encrypted inside the Pyramid of Time with the All Seing Eye ( AI ) which comes from the " artificial intelligence" will be the new beast out there ...

Do you believe in this strategy?

Will you be able to embrace it, like this humanity did with all those old formats of encrypted geopolitical and economical implementations during all the eons?

Have a Blessed Day with the True Enlightenment!

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My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet
My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet

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