My latest #artworks through #sculpting in clay and filming short videos in stop motion style with my #lego minifigures ...

Hi publishers0x

Since i haven't wrote here, i've been experiencing some interesting new #art forms ( in matter of filming stop motion with my lego minifigures it was something that i haven't tried until now)


Today i've thought to share with you some of my latest #artworks i've created.

Here's my new acorn cottage of clay and other natural sources which i've used to create this #artwork ...


When i think that everything started from something like this:


In this stage, for some of you it might look like an alien clay insect ... but actually was the skecth or the clay base for my acorn clay cottage ...


Secondly, i'll start with a simple video that will take your attention for six seconds, exactly the psychological time frame on which the brain on every human will give the command to click the skip button :)

Here's my video with the mandalorian land speeder that carries baby Yoda ...


To take such a short time-frame of a video it requires around 24 photos ... Quite an interesting way to create this kind of movies, especially using lego minifigures from #starwars series ...

I've tried also something unique, using some awesome lego characters such as Hagrid, Filius the elf and GandElf and i've created this awesome video inside of which i've inserted a short #soundtrack i've composed ...

I've posted my #video inside this awesome platform, which i do recommend to every artist to create and post their video/audio contents of their creations.

I do hope that 1 #trx won't be a fortune to #tip my #artwork and enjoy the video and soundtrack i've created.

Meanwhile, me and my buddies from y secret world of elves and fairies, are wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with inspiration ...


I guess, everyone would like to live in a magical house like the one i've #created ...

Maybe this world would look like something else, much more sacred and magical ...


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My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet
My art inside this New Cryptonian Planet

Everyone who will read my blogs regarding my art/music it's more than welcomed to do it here. Thanks for your support through #Publish0x platform.

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