Magical girl anime make me cry - Wonder Egg Priority
In this picture is one of the main characters telling us: "I am going to blow your mind"

Magical girl anime make me cry - Wonder Egg Priority

By Karina | Musique | 14 Mar 2021

Remember all the magical girl anime we watched as children?

Remember Cardcaptor Sakura, Shugo Chara! and Mew Mew Power?

Because I sure do! If there were an anime that would make me feel the same way as back then when I was a child and a teenage girl I would devour it with all of my soul. When I found this anime I cried, now I am still crying because it really touches my inner child as a mother would.

What the other three anime missed out on, but Wonder Egg Priority did not?!

The fact that it includes reality in it. Here characters can get hurt and die. It somehow revolutionizes the magical girl anime trend. I think that it is important to illustrate the possibility of getting hurt or even the possibility of death to children because this is a real thing. In anime and in cartoons characters have the freedom of doing almost anything they want without getting hurt, with some exceptions. No matter how much we love magic and fiction, it is important that we always keep a glance at reality as well. Too much fictional thinking can hurt and I experienced that on my own. I also find very toxic the fact that kids are and were shown that you can’t get hurt and you can’t die through the characters from magical anime. Some of them might try to jump or do some dangerous scheme as the characters in anime. The atmosphere and relationships from this anime are created regarding the actual social and cultural changes.

Things that make me think about the other special anime:

As we were shown in Cardcaptor Sakura a shy and smooth relationship between two persons of the same sex, here we are shown a direct and normal represented relationship between two persons of the same sex. It is nice to have a natural and correct representation of that and not a forced and pushed relationship. I must confess that Cardcaptor Sakura is my number one anime because it is the first anime that I watched as a child. I know that the main purpose of this anime is to be pure and calming and it fulfills its purpose, people of all ages can watch it and they will surely be charmed by it.
This anime, Wonder Egg Priority, also offers me the same Shugo Chara! sensation and thrill. I like the usage of the egg in this anime and the fact that adults are seen differently because the main characters are children. Somehow, adults are illustrated as something bad and dirty and I remember that I usually saw adults like this before I become one. It really made me cry, I can’t believe that I am a bad and dirty adult. I wish I stayed young and stupid and innocent.

Shugo Chara anime picture
The fact that I see pictures from the real world in the opening mingled with animations is something brand new and wow to me. I am trying my best to describe how much work the creators put in this anime and how well done it is, I have never felt so much talent recently in any anime. Let alone philosophical stories, good graphics, and a plot that mind blows you, nowadays anime don’t make me feel the pleasure that I had when I was watching anime as a kid.

The resemblance with Mew Mew Power is felt from the plot. We are meeting a new main character in a new episode that is especially dedicated to them. And the main character's team is managed somehow by two men, just like the team in Mew Mew Power was.

Mew Mew Power picture

Things that I think we all needed from a magical girl anime at this point:

One of the most important aspects that I want to mention is that the girls from this anime are not sexualized, finally, it is all natural and as real as possible. I love this anime for doing this, I wanted to see an anime with a girls' team where girls were not sexualized, for such a long period of time that I almost gave in that dream. They are children and they get to behave like children and it is as real as possible. We are together with them in this story where they are protecting other children and we get to experience with them the process of growing up as they are acknowledging their feelings and they became self-conscious.

Wonder Egg Priority
Unlike other magical girl anime, this one does not contain any transformation, the only thing that transforms is their weapon. There is no propaganda in this anime, no girly and sexy thing pushed on the characters. Each one of them has their personality that is unique and not filled with society’s shit.
There is also important to mention how these children develop the maturity that is correlated with their relationship with the adults around them. One of the children’s mother doesn’t let her know their real dad, meanwhile, she is manifesting her caprices without shame and without caring about her daughter’s feelings. I enjoy very much the maturity displayed in this anime and how it teaches today's children that are watching it, to manage their feelings and to be wiser than the adults around them. Somehow, this is one of the reasons that I love this anime so much, is because I am learning from it things that I should have been taught back in the days when I was little. But it is never too late. Even though I am an adult now I feel like my inner child is still learning new things. I as an adult know them full well, but I wish I knew them as a kid. I always felt that there was an unfulfilled need to be taught, as a child, how to have healthy relationships and how to maintain healthy boundaries. This anime is educating my inner child and is taking care of their feelings.

A personal note:

For some reason, I find myself in the shoes of the main character and I never do this in any other anime. I like how the main character, Ai Ohto, is lost and is fighting with everyday boring reality. I do this too and I have been doing it since I was born. Her friend committed suicide, no one knows why and the very reason of unknowing determines Ai to find out why. The fact that when I was in middle school I had one of my potential friends killing themselves makes me live that period again. I remember that I was not sad when it happened, because we were not so closed, but I regret the fact that we didn’t get closer and I always wondered and thought that if we would have been closer to each other maybe she wouldn’t have committed suicide.
I am leafing through Ai’s story and I feel like I'm reliving my childhood. The only difference is that her's is better and more satisfying than mine.

I did not want to give any spoilers so I tried to focus on what is important in Wonder Egg Priority and why it has something from my childhood magical girl anime and how it is better in a way than those. Hope you will cry too when you will be watching it!


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