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I, (insert name) hate my job!

I think everyone of us can relate to the title. The sad part is I don't really hate my job. I hate everything associated with my job. The mandatory 6 days a week. The one day I have off to do everything I have put off until then. The no time I have to spend time with my family. The beauracracy of the company, rewarding the slow and lazy, but making the knowledgeable do more for same pay.


I  originally wrote the above paragraph back in January. Man oh man has things changed. I still hate my job, but thats the reason I quit it. About a week and a half ago I walked out. I did call my boss's boss (who I have a good rapport with) and explained once again the reasons I was leaving. Even without a notice I left on good terms, if things were to change I would probably return.

The morning after I quit I had a job interview with a rival company in area. Now I live in a county in the southeast of the US with a population of under 40,000 people. When I walked out I expected to have to job hunt. Nope, within a week I have a job in the same field, with 3 days off a week. I get Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off every week for the first time in 3 years. I took a pay cut, but its extremely small, and they agreed to salary I wanted without question. Unlike previous employer, I will make more according to what I know and can do. I also will receive a $2000 sign on bonus in first 6 months, and a company profit share every year, along with various bonuses a year.


What gave me the courage to leave a job I hated? Cryptocurrency! That's right, without that nest egg I've been growing, I would still be completely miserable. Over the past 6 months I have grown my portfolio, that need be I could pay my bills for nearly 6 months. It was a pleasant surprise to have another job a week later though. 

I still have my goal of making enough in crypto to partially retire in four and a half years. Buy a house in location of my choice and work part time somewhere like a bait shop lol. This latest dip really through me for a loop this morning, but I will probably get to all that in tomorrow's post.

Do Your Own Research, dont Fear of Missing Out, and stick to your game plan. I don't do social media, and I get most of my information through project sites. The few times in the beginning I did listen to some shill market some coin on YouTube, I lost money. I decided to go my own way and invest in what I thought best at the moment. Again, Do Your Own Research!

Since, I once again have weekends off, I'm going to try my best to make posting a regular affair again. Also, if you can, buy the dip people. 

I'm not a financial advisor and I do not tell anyone how they should invest. Do Your Own Research! If you have a question ask. Surely if I don't know someone reading comments will.


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Not much to say. Im a published writer for many fishing magazines online and off. Mostly work now and play with crypto.

Musings of a Broken Mind
Musings of a Broken Mind

They say writing is the best therapy and I'm going to put the experts to the test. I worked in Public Service in USA for over a decade and all I got for it is PTSD, Major Depression Disorder, and Major Anxiety Disorder. It effects my daily life in many ways, but positively. Hopefully, this blog will help someone else who might think they're alone in their battle.

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