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5 Best artists on audius (January 2022)

By Aldeneer | Musicrypto | 25 Jan 2022

5. Dj Omnimaga is a happy hardcore and eurotrance producer, making old school feeling tracks. He uses alot of chiptune sounds and 90s percussion.

4. Darknet Lab is a hardcore/speedcore producer, making both oldschool feeling tracks and newschool uptempo ones. Very underrated even in audius standards.

3. Nożysta!

Nożysta is a polish hardcore dj and producer. They make music since 2011 and joined audius in 2019. They make oldschool hardcore.

2. Ville Ruokonen is a Finnish house producer. His sounds are mellow and have a great feeling in them.

1. MokkaP is a j-core producer with great sounding tracks!


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