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Musicoin, what the others don't have? #UBI Pool and a community governance

What others don't have

For more than 4 years now, Musicoin has been present in the global blockchain landscape, traversing no less than two BTC halvings with renewed passion. And now averyone can participate to promote Musicoin all around, in every language, every social network or blockchain. 

What best identifies Musicoin?

The Universal Basic Income #UBI, a real fund created in order to enhance the music, the argists and the songs on the platform.
More than 400 million of $Music (20% of the supply) will be made available to the famous PPP smart contract (see previous posts) to allow the realization of the ultimate goal of the project: Music. A promise kept since the beginning, with over 10 Million $Music already paid to musicians.

Price and investors

The second swap, which will take place automatically in June, will definitely free us from the heavy compensation given to miners that dumped the price in the past. The price has long since purged a good part of the 80% of the supply held by the miners and despite a +10.000 of the price in the last six months, it is still an advantageous price if we consider the ATH (1000 satoshi beginning 2018) and all the various improvements provided in the new Community Road Map (here below) : Skale Migration thanks to the Big Beng Team :

the bridge on the BSC to apply to the IDO, the new economic model with NFTaction, ....


Community governance 

The new token will be a community governance token. Between 150 and 200 Million should be made available to the community itself and used through voted decisions thanks to the transparency of the blockchain.

Artists and music 

Thanks to the Big Beng Team, soon artists will be able to release their songs again, with the same steps as in the past, see here below:


Stay tuned and join the boat to safety navigate into the blockchain ocean, with a shared common goal into this coming #Musicoinstorm





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Lorenzo The big Brain
Lorenzo The big Brain

Italian Romantic Songwriter and Musicoin believer

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Musicoin Radio

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