Musicoin Q4 2022 - updates from the last meeting topics


  December Meeting topics:

- has confirmed that they are not delisting us on the international exchange (.com) though due to local regulations we are getting delisted from their Korean exchange. They are fixing the withdrawal problems that we've been experiencing in the last couple of weeks so everything should be working again soon.
- For Korean users the website officially states that withdrawals will end on the 25th of November (tomorrow) though they told us that withdrawals will be possible after that as well so there's no reason to panic but it would be best to take your tokens out as soon as you can
- As we have learned from the past few weeks and the whole FTX fiasco we recommend everyone to take their tokens out of exchanges (in general) unless you're using them on the exchange because you never know what's going to happen. We know that for some people in our community the fee to withdraw their tokens on BTX is quite high in respect to their token allocations, for those people we are working on a solution where we will collect the tokens in 1 account and withdraw them all together. This would result in only 1 or 2 withdrawal fees for all the tokens and we can then distribute the tokens to everyone using a merkle contract. People could then withdraw their funds from that contract at their convenience and it would only cost a small transaction fee on mainnet. This is completely optional ofcourse but might be of interest for some
- We haven't heard back from the Skale grant yet, as is not out of the ordinary for things like this. In the meantime we will explore other grant programs.
- In order to allow more people to join our monthly call we are looking to do these calls in the weekend starting next month. More information will follow when we have found a good day and time
- We talked about encouraging the community to add liquidity on Uniswap and other decentralized exchanges or use them to trade more. Adding liquidity is also a way to generate some profits from fees that are earned from providing liquidity so this might be one of many potential sources of income for the project in order to become sustainable in the future
- We talked about the SEC and the last crypto events in general

October Meeting topics:

- We have submitted our grant proposal for the Skale gaming grant in collaboration with Plutoverse so now we are awaiting their response.
- We're testing the migration scripts now, adding improvements to them as we go depending on test results. Once we are comfortable with the results we can run the migration again and setup our servers for the testnet.
- Some issues were found in the configuration of the production server causing the website to shut down sometimes, we're investigating these issues.
- We have found some developers that want to help us to audit, or at least review, our code for potential issues though it depends on their availability in the coming weeks. In case we get a grant and depending on the size of it we may be able to get our contracts audited by specialists, though they are expensive.
- It seems hard for some people to join the community calls so we will create a poll in the chat where you can indicate whether the day or the time (or both) is not convenient for you to join, based on that we may find a better time so more people can join in. On top of that it's the time of the year where some regions change to winter time so we can keep that in mind as well.

September Meeting topics:

- We have added some improvements to our contracts to allow non-custodial wallets (like metamask, walletconnect, torus, web3auth, ...) to be used by artists and listeners in the future. They will be added to the platform at a later stage but will allow users to own the keys of their wallets which is always preferred though this will start off as an optional feature. These improvements were also required to allow easier integrations of our platform into other projects in the future. At the moment developers (both team, external and potential new devs) are reviewing the code in order to check for potential issues. When we get a green light from them we can do another run of the migration on testnet using the new speedy transaction mode and we can see how long it would take this time. If all goes well this time we can finally open up our testnet for everyone.
- In the last month we have also faced some issues with the new V2 chain, but we have already received another one which should not have these issues. Fortunately we have set up our code in a way that we can basically deploy on any chain, though it does take some overhead when we have to switch to a new chain.
- In order to get more external devs on board we are thinking about decentralizing the development (and eventually other areas too) a bit more, the best way to do this would be to create bounties for certain tasks that anyone who has time and experience can pick up and can be rewarded when the task is done. For now we can only create bounties in $music but when we have some funds again (from grants for example) we can also use other currencies.
- We have received a lot of offers from exchanges to get listed, these offers go from around $2k all the way up to $60k depending on the exchange and the options. We don't have the funds to go through with this at the moment and we believe it would be better to do this when the platform is live again anyway but at least now we have an idea of what it would cost so we know what kind of budget we will need.
- Together with Plutoverse we are working on grants, starting off with the Skale gaming grant for which we already had an introduction call between the projects.
- From now on we will do this community call once a month on the last Thursday of the month. The next call will be on October 27 though important updates will be shared along the way.

25 August Meeting topics:

- Tests are still ongoing, we might need more eyes to review our code so if you're a solidity developer or have a good knowledge of how blockchains work feel free to reach out as we could provide some incentives for you to review our code.
- Still some issues with the Skale widget, the engineers are helping us to fix it
- We got contacted by a few big exchanges and it looks like they are legit so far, though we will need to investigate further. They have offered us listing packages on a discount, though with our current budget we can't go through with it at the moment. At least now we know how much it would be and can keep that in mind for the grants budget sheet and when we have the funds we can contact them again.
- We continue the work on grant proposals and we already have a decent list of grants we can apply to, at least for the first round.

16 August Meeting topics:

- We got to play with the Skale widget and it looks really easy to use, next we will set it up with our own token though at the moment it's not working yet for some reason.
- So far we didn't get much response on so we should continue posting our bounties in more developer groups and might need to reconsider the amount of the bounty as well.
- We got a whole list of grant we can apply for (thanks to there's also the possibility of working on grants together since we plan to implement our music into their metaverse game and would be working together on that.
- It looks like we're getting more scam posts in our Telegram group so we are looking to create a strategy for those. In the meantime please don't click on links posted in the group by strangers.

11 August Meeting topics:

- We had some issues while testing out the new Skale widget, we're looking into it and providing feedback to Skale to help them improve it.
- We're looking for some extra hands for testing and reviewing our contract code and it's a good idea to have more eyes on it in general. So we have put our first bounty on DeWork, if it goes well we will add other bounties later for various tasks. You can take a look at our channel here:
- We're working on a pitch deck in order to apply for grants so we can fund our project. The plan here is to apply to multiple grants at the same time unlike we have done in the past. There are a lot of grant programs available in various places, even in bear markets.
- We're looking into systems we can use for community voting in the future, snapshot looks like a good tool for us since you can basically vote with any token on there and in theory it should also be possible to use that on our Skale chain as well.

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