Musicoin Ambassadors Newsletter n°1
Musicoin Ambassadors Newsletter n°1

By Lorenzo Pistolesi | Musicoin Radio | 30 Oct 2019

Ambassadors Newsletter n°1 

Many positive things have been achieved over the past two months and many new artists have joined the platform. This is despite the current low price of $MUSIC. Ambassadors and artists are moving forward, showing that Musicoin's value is the platform's awesome and genre-diverse music. The Ambassador Program is involved in creating the future "proof of sharism"- We are sharing our love to our 6,000 + artists inside the platform, with messages, tips and socials networking. Musicoin applied for the Grant of the Web and is helping musicians to spread their music. Join the Grant of the Web Musicoin is helping musicians and share your music, your love. Please go and take a look to ambassador's work and share a few hour a month with us

What we did 

Ben Gyles
Developping the Mobile App V 3.0 and supporting techical issues

Working on Artist of the week curation and Artist of the Year. Running Musicoin Russia

Asterios Papastamatakis
working on verification of new artists, many this month

Musicoin founder, supporting Ambassador Program, running UBI, and blockchain developper, support technical issues. Opening Grant for the web and Sharism philosopher

Pascal Guyon
working on stats and Musicoin Instagram, he spoke in Kyoto, Japan at an indie video games event

Bruno aka SoundPhaser
working on Musicoin Portuguese and Regional program

Sérgio Fernandes

social media and personal contacts

Alex aka Recording Box

Continue to be an active member of welcome committee on Musicoin platform I give warm welcome to newcomers, help them to get involved with Musicoin community. I also follow, listen and tip musicians on platform to encourage use and actively promote Musicoin within my local community and online. I accept payment in $Music at my business (Recording-Box studio) to promote the economy. Currently working with Fuzz Heady. I am active community member on many channels: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,, Steemit, Coil, Slack and Hyperspace


I replied to all users who wrote to Musicoin Fbook, improved ambassador process, coordinate Ambassador Program, creating GuitHub repository from Ambassador process to proof of sharism, writing daily post on Musicoin official Fbook, cross-chain improvements, and weekly on Musicoin Instagram, start Musicoin Believer program, invite a few new ambassadors, follow, retweet musicoin Twitter, tips and comment inside the platform, welcoming new ambassadors, and so on. Active community member on many channels: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube,, Steemit, Slack and Hyperspace. Running Musicoin Italia. Create this Newsletter, working on Instagram Musicoin and Musicoin Italia. I've organised Musicoin call since April 2019.

Working inside the platform, tipping, messaging and sharing on socialnetwork. Running Musicoin Australia

Laurent aka Ljatz
4 physical meetings with a recording studio owner (“Recording Box Studio”), in Guatemala City; Onboarding that studio owner (Alejandro Guerra Nochez) as the second Guatemalan Ambassador; Planification of professional recording sessions with the AOW Musicoin band “Jogshuttle”, paid by the use of the $MUSIC they earned on the platform (and without converting them to fiat); Coordination of the Facebook group chat with 35 Guatemalan artists, maintaining them up-to-date with the latest Musicoin progresses; Planification of Aimin Siul’s (Guatemalan singer & songwriter) video interview edition; Participation in 4 general Ambassadors online meetings; Participation in 3 Proof of Sharism online meetings; Contributions to the “Musicoin consensus model improvement proposal” (; Contributions to the Mobile app testing review (from version 0.05 to 0.012), through the ad hoc Google doc. or directly expressed to Ben Gyles; Review of the new Ambassadors’ MAP introductory documents (in the MAO framework); Feed of the Google doc “Artist Of the Week” Ambassadors candidates proposals; Formulation of new mobile app potential features, for later versions (through Slack). Daily communication with the "Rondo" live music and logistic blockchain-based project, through its CEO Jonathan, to foster a practical alliance with Musicoin. Almost daily orientation and information for the Musicoin Telegram group users.

Wishnewsky As I've started since around mid-October, right now I'm gradually adjusting to my schedule and mindset for the tasks I plan to perform, which is mostly online work. At the time made some usual constant things -- retweets, likes, votes for every artist of the week, one artist verification (for now), tipping those and other artists/songs, encouraging good artists (tipped ~6k MC for last two weeks from personal funds with great pleasure), also started sharing the musicoin concept to local artists whenever it is suitable. I do not expect any of them jumping right away to upload their songs, so it will take definitely longer than one month to get new artists.

Soumaya laghiti aka Stranger Souma

Working inside musicoin (see above fro details), promoting on social media, establishing a marketing guide line to increase female users/artists

Brent aka Chosen B2B

Sharing the musicoin artist to the twitter facebook population gave and dropping tips for new artist to rock on slowly building but loving what i do. Promoting musicoin platform on social media. Giving tips commenting and following. Promoting Musicoin to a 50,000 followers Radio

Atwa Darhbar aka A sound

Working inside the platform, Promoting Musicoin platform on social media, $Music adoption all around you, Join rewarding program to promote cross chain synergy between other dapp

Stefano Esposito

Networking, posts on Instagram and other social network, word of mouth with my fellows musicians, Working on a Musicoin Songs Roulette (web project)



Lorenzo Pistolesi
Lorenzo Pistolesi

Italian Romantic Songwriter

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