“Become a Butterfly” Song | The Sentimental Performance of Father & Son 

One of the passionate performances that you will find from Mohammad Reza Shajarian (the Master of Persian traditional music mostly called Mistro) is a song named "Parvaneh Sho" (became a butterfly!).

“Become a Butterfly” Song | The Sentimental Performance of Father & Son 

In this sentimental performance, you can see that Homayoun Shajarian, the Mistro’s son, sits next to him and sings while playing an instrument.

This song is actually based on one of the heavenly poems of Rumi in the extremely mystical and exceptional "Divan Shams" poetry.

“Become a Butterfly” Song | The Sentimental Performance of Father & Son 

Homayoun and his father have many performances together and Homayoun has been trained by his father since he was very young. However, watching how he matches his unique voice with his father gives a pleasant feeling.


Song: "Parvaneh Sho" (became a butterfly!)

Singers: Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Homayoun Shajarian


PS: When I look at this performance, I feel as if Homayoun was a butterfly trapped in his cocoon and his father prepared him for the real-life to eventually fly on his own.




The earrings of fair maidens

have the privilege of being the companion of that beauty!

(As they are valuable)


If you want such a position and sit on that ear like a gem!

Become a gem! Just become a gem!

(Become valuable)



As your soul fell in love hard! like a sweet love myth!

(Sweet also is a meaning for Shirin In Farsi which is the name of a famous love story character like  Juliet in Romeo and Juliet)

Turn to ashes like lovers and

Become a legend! Become a legend!




If that fair beauty showed her face,

Turn into a mirror for that gorgeous face!


If she opened her hair,

Become a comb! Just become a comb!

(Be whatever you can be to remain close to her somehow!)




When your mind wanders to another place,

It draws you there as well.


Move past the mind like a destiny!

Be the forehead! Be the forehead!

(It is an old belief that everyone's destiny is written on their foreheads. It seems that the meaning of this verse is that one should go beyond destiny and make one's own destiny.)



Put aside reason and logic, for once!

Go insane! Go insane!

Go into the fire like a butterfly!

Become a butterfly! Become a butterfly!



PS: This is my most proud translation and the hardest, I had to search for every single verse and it was a really hard and deep poetry to understand and I'm still not sure if I did understand it!



Homayoun Shajarian Now

Song: Afsongar (Luscious!) with English Subtitle

Singer: Homayoun Shajarian

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